Running back debacle

Dynasty league.
10 team 1/2p PPR.

My RBs are:

Kareem Hunt
Nick Chubb
Kerryon Johnson
David Johnson

What to do with Kareem Hunt/Nick Chubb? I’m leaning towards trying to get draft pick(s) for Hunt. Is it plausible to get a first rounder for Hunt since its a dynasty league, or should I just keep everyone and ride it out. I can keep all my RBs but I won’t have any draft picks until near the end of the draft.

I like the running backs you have and would be satisfied with what you have, but for me in dynasty leagues everyone is always available and im always looking to trade and improve

I would only trade if you get an excellent deal. You have 4 guys who can all be RB1s if they get the carries. Hunt should be on his own team next year (maybe someone like Jax cuts 4net and signs Hunt). So, come next year you’ll have:
DJ: RB1 and bellcow
Kerryon: High end RB2 and bellcow
Chubb: High end RB2 and bellcow
Hunt: Low end RB1 and probably bellcow (assuming new team)

Having 4 bellcows is rare, keep what you got unless you get something too good to pass up