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Running back needs


I’m weak in RB core and need to make moves to keep up with the league. My roster is Riddick, Mixon, Buck Allen, D’Onta Foreman and Jalen Richard.

What’s the deal with DeMarco Murray? Should I offer a trade for Murray?
The Murray owner has Lamar miller, CMC, Bilal Powell and Jamaal Charles. should I offer Miller’s Handcuff?

Right now I offered Pryor and Buck Allen for Murray and Amendola…

Please help me footclan… you’re my only hope!


I don’t know if that’s going to be enough to convince the Murray owner to part with him. worth trying though.

Who is on the waiver wire?


almost nobody. Carson, McKinnon, Ivory, Tolbert, Austin Ekeler, Elijah McGuire, Kerwynn Williams


yeah, that’s not great. MicKinnon probably the only one worth looking at there. What does your full team look like?


QB: Kirk + Dalton
RB: Riddick, Mixon, Buck Allen, Foreman, Richard
WR: Green, Demaryius, Crabtree, Pryor, Marshall
TE: Clay + Watson


what are your thoughts on McGuirre against Cleveland, or is that just chasing points? both he and powell had good games last week and now they play the browns


he had an increase in workload last week last week and should do again if Forte can’t go. Could be a nice start against the Browns but don’t think he’d have long term value.


could drop watson and take a flyer on him this week


id do that but its a cap of 5 WR/5 RB


If Carr wasn’t injured and Crabtree wasn’t banged up I’d have suggested trying to tempt him with DT.


nobody wants Richard right now, I could drop him for mcguirre, maybe. but would I play him over mixon or buck?


yea, ive been trying to move DT or pryor for a while now


they might accept Buck and DT for Murray


ill come back and let you know if I can make something happen


thanks for the dialogue


No worries, any time!


Btw, the guy wasn’t having it.
Was offered another trade though, My AJ Green and Riddick for Dez and Kamara? Thoughts?


I really like AJ (but I am a Bengals fan), Dez schedule eases up a bit now so his production. Might get better and I like Kamara’s upside. Think the saints will look to him more going forward.

I’d probably not make it but that’s just because of my bias toward AJ. Could turn out to be a really good trade for you.