Running back Waiver help

I have Mixon sanders and Coleman ( holding mattisson and pollard as handcuffs)

I am #1 in waiver order should I jump and take one of the below or hold on to my #1 spot

w Gallman
j Howard
Ronald jones
ito smith
tarik cohen

I will be dropping my second qb to make room

1/2piont ppr 10 man league

Jones easy. He was running great in this game, not just box score

I don’t think you understand what a handcuff is. If you don’t have Cook and Zeke then they aren’t handcuffs. Drop both mattison and pollard, grab gallman, tarik cohen, and either ronald jones or a WR since it seems like your Waiver wire has a lot of good options. Gallman should be the first priority pickup, not jones like he said^

okay I hear ya, your right had miss understood handcuff, thanks for clearing that think Jordan Howard was a one night bad defence situation ?

I had had drafted him and sent him to the waivers hard to give up waiver 1 for him. thanks for you opinion but

He is always going to be in a time split. Even if he continues to play well no way he replicates that game. (Packers run D looked terrible). Gallman gives you free wins for like 4 weeks.

I’m going to go for Gallman and maybe I can still pick up rojo for my bench.

going to try trade mattison and pollard for a pick

thanks guys

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Look at his schedule genius. Come back to me in a month and compare the two. Jones has season long value where gallman does not.

You gonna play him against the Vikings or the Pats?

Relax dude, I just gave my opinion. Ronald jones is in a committee backfield while gallman is the clear 1 until saquon is back. It gives you a bunch of free wins. Rojo can bust any given week and is very risky.