Running Back Week 1 Help

Which two should i start week one?
C Hyde, J Williams, P Barber, T Cohen.

Really struggling between Hyde, Barber and Cohen behind Williams…

Whats the PPR situation?

I’d go Hyde/Williams in most cases.


situation = 1/2 PPR

thank you, i was leaning that way but in most rankings hyde and barber are neck and neck but im not sure who has the biggest upside…

hyde will have competition from duke
but im not really sure if barber’s competition for touches is as competent as duke…
@FantasyFootballDad @tywilsonmusic

All it takes is RJ3 to get a couple touches in space and break for some decent yardage and then it becomes a hot hand situation.

Hyde will be the best floor play in week 1 I believe.

I’m not worried about Hyde losing that much to Duke. Hyde is a good runner, and decent in the passing game. I think the Bucs have a tough matchup against a tough Saints D with Fitzpatrick at QB. I see them having to play from behind the whole game and needing to pass a lot.

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