Rushing to the waiver wire?!

CMC down, have Hunt, Montgomery, Gibson, Hines, Thompson, Brown at RB. Do I need to rush to the waiver to grab someone like Davis? Was planing to drop Brown and Thompson trying to grab minshew to stream. Joshua Kelley owner spoke about sending me a trade for Kelley as well

You’re not in horrible shape at RB currently. I suspect you are stacked at WR. Montgomery seems to be running well and Hunt has decent standalone value. Hines will be hit or miss with Taylor as the obvious RB1. Thompson and Brown are drops. I would place a waiver claim on Davis but wouldnt break the bank to get him. He’s not more than 15-20% FAAB guy with what you currently have. What are you being offered for Kelley?

At WR I have Moore, Hopkins, Green and Jackson. 12 team full PPR, not much on the waivers for WR. Someone dropped Parker on the weekend, put a claim in but I don’t think I’ll be able to get him. Other than that it’s guys like Curtis and deebo Samuel, reagor, hamler Etc. Just waiting for the Kelley owner to send me his over

Sounds like our waiver wire, though DJax and Miller are still there. We have 5 bench slots and no IR though. I really like Debo’s potential if he can come back healthy. Need to monitor Jimmy G for that i suppose. Parker, Curtis, Reagor and Hamler are streamers for now. You can get some points but they wont be consistent.