Russ - ease my mind plz

I have a solid team and have a week 14 bye. I’m looking at 15 and 16 and seeing Russ plays Washington and the Rams. I’m nervous that he’s going to get me 10ish points in each game. Am I overthinking?
Other options I could go get are Brady or Tannehill.


Edit: this is a 2QB league, 4 points per pass TD, and my other QB is Herbert.

Yes and no. Russ has been coming back down to Earth, the Seattle defense has been playing way better and Carrol looks to be going back to the run game. So it seems like it’s going back to the way it was unless they’re falling behind; the offense might be a little lackluster. With that being said, you’re not gonna bench Russell Wilson. You can’t. Besides Mahomes- name another more accurate deep ball? I have Russ and I’m sticking with him. Seattle needs wins and I’ll take the chance of Wilson blowing up and throwing it like crazy to win games.

…at the same time- maybe grab Brady too. Brady has one of the best pass friendliest playoff schedules. Min, Atl, Det. That’s an awesome schedule especially for a Bruce Arians team that is so undisciplined to commit to the run. Play-offs- I would make the space on my bench and grab Brady. That schedule is too good and if you don’t play him, you’re at least keeping him away from your competition.

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It’s ideal to have 3 QBs in a 2 QB league anyway.

Question from me- in a 2 QB league, how in the world are Brady and Tannehill available!?

More clarification: I have Herbert and Teddy besides Russ. I would have to trade for Tannehill or Brady. We don’t have a trade deadline but I don’t like to trade once we get to the playoffs

Oh I see. I would feel just fine starting Wilson and Herbert. Last week was just an off week. I mean, if you could give up Teddy and something insignificant to get Brady then sure go for it- but I don’t see you getting him unless you give up something valuable. Don’t know how your roster looks like and what that Brady roster looks like. At this point though- unless that Brady owner is absolutely clueless- he’s not moving.

Thanks. Yeah, I don’t think the Brady owner would give him up unless I packaged Teddy with someone else. But he is hanging on to the playoffs by a thread and his only other QBs are Cam and P River. The rest of my roster is good so it sounds like I may just be taking the chance with Russ. Thanks again!

Rest of my roster:
RB - CMC, Cook, Swift, Hines, Gordon
WR - DK, Cooper, McLaurin, Deebo, Lazard
TE - Ebron & Hurst :man_shrugging:

Yeah man of course, we’re all here for that championship.
Well, if you have no trade deadline I would be trying to get Brady. Just in case. How is this manager? If he loses this weekend I would def try to lift Brady- maybe his spirit will be crushed and not care.

…that’s how I got Derrick Henry.