Russel Wilson Dynasty Trade

Been offered Russel Wilson for he 1.08 in my dynasty.

I do have Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, Nick Foles and Sam Darnold.

But I seems cheap and I am a little worried about Rodgers future.

I would probably take this trade, unless you’re barren at RB or WR, but I wouldn’t roster 5 QBs. I think Rodgers is going to be motivated this year to prove he’s not done but I agree this future after this year is in question.

Do not trade 1.08 for Wilson. You’re set at QB and you need first rounders to keep building your team.

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You’re fine with the QBs you’ve got. You’ve got Rodgers for rn and time for Baker and Darnold to develop. Actually, Baker could possibly outplay Rodgers this year. I don’t think you need Russ. I’d keep the 1.08 and find yourself a solid RB or WR.

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yeah dont trade for wilson. you can get a solid WR or RB if they fall. u have 4 qbs if its superflex u can only start 2 the most you should address other positions of need. maybe even draft jordan love later in the draft round 2-3 if ur worried about rodgers.