Russel we are

Anyone else have him going into championship?
I do…and I don’t feel comfortable about it. At all.
As a matter of fact, I’m entertaining picking up Trubisky and starting him against Jax over Wilson vs. Rams.

How are you other Wilson owners feeling?

luckily I snagged hurts last week. Russ is going to the bench for Hurts for sure

If I only had that option. This is the last time I go into playoffs with 1 QB.
I picked up Trubisky just to think about it.
Other option I have is Matt Stafford, which I’m afraid he’s just one sack away from sitting out.

I keep imagining in my head, that maybe just maybe, Wilson actually plays up to the competition. Rams are obviously gonna score on that defense so I’m imagining Wilson playing from behind. And Lockett and David Moore having big games. Or he gets sacked all game and I lose the championship with 7 point from
him. Tilt meter up to 9000.

in my other championship I am playing trubisky over stafford and cousins