Russel Wilson Trade

I have Rus and Wentz on my team right now. A league-mate came to me asking if I’d be willing to trade Russel and I’m considering it, but not sure with Wentz still having his bye.

In a full point PPR, standard QB scoring, this is my team

QB: Wentz, Wilson
RB: Bell, Hunt, Ajayi, Forte, (Stash DJ, DMC, and Morris)
WR: M. Thomas, D. Thomas, Baldwin, Tyreek Hill

I was thinking of trying to package him and Ajayi for Mark Ingram or straight up Hyde. Would you do both/either of those trades?

seems like your in an 8 team league? - I’d trade him just use a QB streamer on bye (which should be available in a smaller league)

also all of this depends on your record and playoff outlook

10 team league with some good waiver pickups and lots of package trading for upgrades and trading high. I’m 6-1 sitting at 2nd place so playoffs are looking decent.

Most teams are holding 2 QBs which made me a little hesitant, but I checked and there could be a few decent match-ups during his bye.

i would go through with it and def try to get ajayi off your roster so its someone else headache.

that’s probably fair, I might reach higher than Hyde