Russel Wilson Trade?

I have Rus and Wentz on my team right now. A league-mate came to me asking if I’d be willing to trade Russel and I’m considering it, but not sure with Wentz still having his bye.

In a full point PPR, standard QB scoring, this is my team

QB: Wentz, Wilson
RB: Bell, Hunt, Ajayi, Forte, (Stash DJ, DMC, and Morris)
WR: M. Thomas, D. Thomas, Baldwin, Tyreek Hill

I was thinking of trying to package him and Ajayi for Mark Ingram or straight up Hyde. Would you do both/either of those trades?

I’d do the trade for Ingram.

I definitely like that one better, although I’m not sure if he’ll take it. I plan on offering it first, but if not would you consider straight up for Hyde?