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Russel Wilson vs sacksonville


I have Russel Wilson and Sacksonville…first round of playoffs…what do I do??? .5ppr, 4 point TD. Do I stream Defense or QB? Roll with both? Stream both??


Ah, I gotcha. Well Russell Wilson just overcame the Eagles and that was at home but still if you have been seeing him play the man is doing better than Tom Brady right now just let that sink in…If you can get Bortles or Rivers somehow I’d go with one of them instead if you don’t want to risk Wilson.


I’m curious about this matchup as well. I’ve got the Jax D/ST and my opponent has Russell


I’ve been asking the same question all week. Unsure about starting, might stream mccown. Yay or nay?


Mccown is a good option however I have Wilson also and feel like he could still have a good game against the jags he’s they’re whole offense


Do you still start Jax though too?


Yes you should definitely start Jacksonville. Still want to get the most points


Just feel like it could cap upside, but in the end I agree.