Russell Wilson for Berida

I was offered Wilson for Berida, am i crazy for second guessing this? My other QB is Stafford and my other RBs are Barkley, Howard, Royce Freeman, and Sony Michel.
So Berida would just be a flex play at best for me right now but it seems like he could also be that home run player with McKinnon out. Any thoughts? and feel free to tell me i’m crazy and i should just take this trade now.

you own Russ or Breida? i would in no way, shape or form trade Russ for Breida.

I would 10000000% trade Breida for Russ.

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I have Breida and was offered Wilson. At first i was hesitant because the seahawks look terrible and QBs this year seem pretty deep but i’m starting to lean towards accepting it.

Don’t do it. QBs are easy to stream. Bortles in practically free everywhere. Breida adds nice depth to your roster, and you have no guaranteed production from freeman and Michel.

I would still trade brieda for russ. I am a detroit native, and matthew stafford is hard to rely on week to week. Your RB depth is good. Considering you probably didnt draft brieda, you are getting potentially the best fantasy QB in the game. Doug Baldwin will be back soon too. run, dont walk.

If your starting rbs get hurt, would you wish you still did this trade?

I would take WIlson for Breida so quickly lol. And I rarely trade skill positions for QBs in 1 QB leagues.


100000% take this. This is a good sell high on Brieda

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The whole reason the person offered me this trade in the first place is because he drafted Mckinnon and his other RBs arent really that great. I would hate to lose that RB depth but it is the #1 QB from last year

While Wilson makes me a little nervous I think you guys talked me into accepting the trade. Thanks for the advice!

If Brieda ends up sucking all year, and Wilson ends as a top 5 QB like he usually does would you regret it?

I would but on the flip side if Breida ends up being like a top 20 RB and Wilson ends up good but not cracking the top 5 I think i would regret it.

When not If

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