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Russell Wilson Keeper?


Hey, FootClan!

I’m in a 12-team, 5-keeper league and have Zeke, Gurley, Julio and Michael Thomas locked up.

Now I’m down to the decision of keeping Russell Wilson in the fifth round or taking a high-value FLEX player in that spot and then picking up a QB like Stafford/Dalton/Dak later on in the draft.

Any thoughts/opinions?



Im almost never keeping a QB. Unless it’s like an 8 person keeper and after 7 i just don’t have great value. And only then if i have to keep 8. So yeah toss him and fish for another flex type of guy instead.


Who else do you have on your team to keep? That would be key in this decision. I imagine you have someone who has better upside than Wilson, and I love all of those quarterbacks more than Wilson.


I would be letting Russell fly away like a little birdy if he costs you a 5th rounder. You can be so much more economical with your QB getting anyone else (every name you said, for the most part) later on in the draft.


Let Wilson go, grab a flex and pick a QB later.


I do have Martavis Bryant, Eddie Lacy, Eric Dekker, Doug Martin and Kelvin Benjamin that could be potential keepers, as well.


I’d definitely be considering Bryant at that spot. Would it be in the 5th round?


Yessir. The first five rounds are designed for keepers (stupid ESPN rules), so technically any of these guys would be a fifth round pick.