Russell Wilson, Mckinnon for Alvin Kamara and Jordy

I have a trade offer, I’ll be getting Alvin Kamara and Jordy and he wants Russell WIlson and Mckinnon.

My other RB is Kareem Hunt and Cohen, but I have Demarryius, Baldwin, Garcon, Austin-Sefarin, Reed, Marvin Jones and Kirk Cousins.

He would take Kirk as well, but I don’t know if I should complete the trade. We play in week 11 and tied in fantasy. Not sure if I want to help him out and lose our matchup.

He has Stafford.

Half PPR, 3 WR, 2 Super Flex League with 14 ppl. Do the trade?

I am leaning towards no, but would like your input. TY!!!

I’d just try to flip mckinnon for kamara.

I like the super flex setup or Wilson and cousins

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