Russell Wilson or Philip Rivers? 1st round of playoffs!

Have Wilson @ Jacksonville or Rivers vs Washington

Wilson has been my MVP this year and I believe is the #1 qb in fantasy. I also have Jimmy Graham so they both have been tearing it up for me.

However, Traceling east and playing in Jacksonville is a very tough task. And Rivers has been on fire lately.

What do you guys think? Rivers has a much better matchup but I feel Wilson is a stud you never sit regardless of matchup. Plus I’ve been starting him all year and would just feel odd benching him now…

That’s a really good question. Wilson is awesome for fantasy but he’s playing Jacksonville this week so that might be scary. I’d play rivers this week and then go back to Wilson next week.

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I’d say Rivers

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Rivers, Wilson is a fantasy god right now but the upside is easier for Rivers. At least 20 points.

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Rivers has a much higher upside in the pass game and it will likely be more of a shootout.
Wilson will likely have to use his legs a good amount just to keep the ball moving.

Personally, I’d play Rivers for the week but wouldn’t feel amazing about it. Frankly neither are a bad choice.

Thank you everyone! I think I’ll roll with Rivers and hope for the best.

Should I keep Jimmy Graham in? TE’s on the waiver wire are Hooper, Julius Thomas, Jenkins, OJ Howard, J James and Ebron

I would for sure play Rivers. He has a stud WR in Allen who is on fire and a very solid TE in Henry. I don’t want any part of Wilson this week against that defense