Russell Wilson Sit Start?

I have Rivers as my back up… I have not sat Russell all year… What do I do? Keep the faith or roll out Rivers and hope he has a 20+ point game?

Man… I am in the same exact position. Rivers has the more favorable match-up, but I am having a hard time sitting Wilson since he has been on fire this season.

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Oh man thats so tough. Can you look at it from a what do you need standpoint? IE upside or high floor?
I mean Russ is the ONLY way that team moves the ball so the volume will be there but i dont see 300 and 3 on the horizon. Go Phil if you need to boom it at QB?
Good luck…to both of you haha

I have Thomas and Ingram playing Thursday night so I am going to feel it out.

I think thats a good call…keep an eye on Ingrams status sounds a bit shaky

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It might not really matter for me. We do 2 week semi-finals and 2 week championship games. I am leading in the semi’s right now 190 to 130 so I have a nice cushion going into the 2nd week. Just need to make sure none of my guys lay an egg and ill be going to the finals.

I have a similar one. I have Russel and Goff…I should play Goff but I am going to role out Mr Wilson. I would feel stupid if he does what no one else could this year and go off against the Jags.

I’d feel pretty good playing Rivers over Wilson. Rivers has been in fire and the rams D is good but they’ve given up points. I will most likely roll out Wilson at this point mulling over possibly McCown or Winston but feel like Russel will still put up #’s just not his usual. Jags haven’t really faced any high end qb’s this year

stats don’t lie.

Jacksonville are at the bottom of this list for a reason. now the NFL is about as fickle as anything and anyone at any given time can be an exception … however id tend to lean toward Rivers

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My other QB option is Winston so I have a hard time sitting Russell Wilson

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I’ve got the same 2 QBs. I picked up Rivers specifically for this week because of the matchup and now I’m planning on starting Rivers. Rivers has been very solid and has the potential to score 30 so it’s not a huge down grade.

I’m in the last week of our season and can finish no worse than 2nd so it’s a rather meaningless game for me which puts me in the mood to set my lineup a little more creatively.

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I have same choice to make . Tough, but I’m leaning towards Dangeruss doing the superhuman things he does when Hawks play good teams in December, I’d probably be more inclined to play rivers if hawks were play 49ers bc then Hawks would play down

Man I’ve road Russell Wilson all year long if I’m going down in the first round I’m going down swinging!!! not jabbing with a QB2

I don’t know about you but I have won several games this season because of Russell and I’m debating the same thing. I think you got to “dance with the one that brung ya” . I know I couldn’t live with myself if I sat Russell Wilson in the playoffs.

I will probably roll out Rivers after Ingram and Thomas played started me off well on Thursday. I think Rivers has a higher floor this week.

I have the same issue. You think Goff will hit the eagles defense or do you thing Wilson will go off on that killer sacksonville D?

If Ramsey sits, I’m rolling out Wilson. I have Kizer on my bench, and not afraid to start him in a 2 week fantasy round playoff. GB is decimated in the secondary. Literally have one CB left in Randall. I’ve rode Wilson all year, but his history on the road vs good defenses is not for me. He hasn’t played a defense even remotely close to JAX all year.