Russell Wilson to Dallas? has reported that if they don’t get a deal done in Seattle today that Dallas is a dream stop for WIlson. I live in Dallas and a fan since the 70s and with Dak’s contract still up in the air this could be exactly what the Cowboy’s need to propel to the next level. I’m a huge fan of WIlson but also a fan of Prescott. I’m torn here because Dallas cannot afford both…Also, would this decline Wilson’s value or would it be a boost?

Regardless of the team implications, the fantasy implication is Wilson and all of Dallas goes up. Wilson has a better WR in Cooper, a better RB in Zeke, a better OL, and a more pass friendly coach. The only downside is in Seattle, Wilson has games where he has to pass a ton because they’re losing. In Dallas, they have a good team so he might not have to pass as much. Either way, if he goes to Dallas, I think he is locked in a top 3 spot.

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I would personally hate this for many reasons, but if it happens it is a huge up for Wilson in Fantasy. He might not throw as much, true, but he has not really been a throwing QB. I would put him as balanced and definitely last year they were run first, but he still ended up well. With the all around team upgrade, I have a hard time seeing this being bad for Wilson.