S. Barkley & E. Sanders for K. Hunt and T.Y. Hilton

Which side of this trade would you prefer? Full PPR

what does this leave your team at?

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also ,the screenshot of the trade is gone on my end

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barkley and sanders by a ton


I removed it because I ended up changing the title to what the trade was. This is my current team…


Also I’m 0-3

still like barkley and sanders. hunt has been low this year and im sure he will be good ROS. but Barkley is getting so many looks as is Sanders.

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Hang on to Barkley side of this particular trade. He and Sanders have better ROS outlooks than either Hunt or TY right now.


Yea I’m on the Hilton Hunt side. Just trying to see if it was even a doable trade. Hopefully they’ll accept it.