S. Diggs & M. Mack for D. Hopkins (Full Point PPR)

Which side of this trade would you prefer?

I would be on the receiving end of Diggs/Mack if i accepted.

Give me the Hopkins side. It’s hard to give up an elite asset like Hopkins. Plus, I think Mack has been overhyped with 2 easy matchups.

Do you need a RB?

Even if you need an rb you can get more than Mack for Hopkins…

My RBs are Kamara, K. Johnson & D. Lewis

My main WR are AB and Hopkins

I’d stick with that man. You should be able to ride Kamara, AB, and Hopkins to more wins than losses.

I second this advice^^^

If you’re going to sell Hopkins I think you need to at least get 2 top 15 pieces… You could look at like Sony, Aaron Jones or someone in this tier. I think Mack is still very matchup dependent and his schedule isn’t the easiest ROS.

Diggs is not exactly a scrub, i just needed more info on the rest of his team. With that said, I would not do the trade. Kerryon has a higher upside than Mack. Just waiting on Patricia to fully give the lead back duties to him.

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I don’t think that Diggs is a scrub either. I like the return of Diggs for Hopkins, just not the Mack piece. Hope that makes more sense.

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