S.Michel or A.Jones this week?

Michel plays the Steelers
Jones plays the bears

Scared to start jones but also hesitant to bench him
Other start option: Henry playing the giants

Start Michel every day between the three imo

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Tho I’ve got A Jones and ABSOLUTELY start him. Over Michel @ Pit…NO WAY!!!

Love, love, love Jones…but…Michel is the way to go this week between the two!!!

I disagree with the anyway, most weeks I’m going jones but this week, but ya michel this week

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COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!! oh wait…I just did!!! LOL…just couldn’t resist that @Rbins40. LOL

Michel let me down last week

Yeah…but…this past week was one of those late season weird weeks that happens EVERY YEAR!!!

This past week, Wilson, Truby and GURLEY…YEAH…GURLEY…got me single digit PPR points. So…this past week isn’t one to go on!!!

True…this week might be a tough one for Sony…but…Sony is sony!!! He’s almost a must start!!!

I know what you’re saying tho buddy!!! Crazy what this time of year can do to your thought processes. Everything in FFB gets crazy and everything you think you’ve gotten figured out about these teams and the coaching staff’s thinking suddenly takes a 180 degree turn and everything suddenly becomes a maze. Good luck finding your way out!!! LOL

I should change the question to Sony or Jones lol… edited