S. Watkins got dropped

In a 1/2ppr redraft, should I grab him, and who should I drop?

QB: Luck
WR: Hilton, Fitz, Robinson, R. Anderson
RB: Barkley, Gordon, McKinnon, Ingram, Michel, Burkhead, J. Williams
TE: Reed

Thanks everyone

thats insane that he got dropped. as for who to drop, eh thats tough. if anything im lookin really hard at doing a 2 for 1 trade to free up a spot, get better, and then pick up watkins. but if thats not an option, you go the route of least Resistance. and thats williams. the least likely of all your players to be the guy, and be fantasy relevant. not saying he cant, but out of everyone you have his road is the toughest.

Yeah, someone just dropped him for Peterson…thanks for the advice though, I think I might be able to send some RBs to the Guice owner and see if I can make that happen