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S. Watkins or D. Henry + 2018 1st (dynasty)


in a 12 team ppr dynasty league which side of the trade would you prefer?

S. Watkins or D. Henry and a 2018 1st round pick (the pick will likely end up as a mid 1st rounder)


Even with all the news I would probably take Watkins. Henry doesnt offer a lot of value right now, where Watkins offers a lot of value now and in the future.


I would agree with Buster straight up, but the bellcow potential of Henry in the Tennessee Exotic Smashmouth and the added 1st round pick put Henry over the top.


Henry and the 1st round pick, no doubt


I would lean Henry, but honestly either is fine


Henry and 1st. You never know when the titans see they have a good backup if they cut ties with Murray to save $$


Watkins has too much injury for my taste. You know who else is an injury risk, DeMarco Murray.

I like Watkins, but there are even more question marks added to an already questionable pick. Murray won’t be a bell cow this year. Henry will get usage. I predict a 60/40 split. Something like 170-200 carries and 30 receptions. If Murray goes down you have a top 10 RB.

It is close, but the draft pick makes me swing Henry.


for me, i just cant live on a hope that a powerhouse running back will get hurt, especially when we are not talking about a guy who gets hurt every single year. besides, even if he does get hurt, as soon as he gets back, he is back to their number 1 guy. they paid him for a reason. and he will be there through 2018 at least, if not all the way through his contract of 2019. that kills henrys value.

where watkins, yeah has had his injuries but fact of the matter is, after that second foot surgery like the ballers said, the numbers show you dont aggravate it again. and watkins is a VERY good talent, who will get all of his looks. that first round pick does make it a little harder, but i take my young talent now who will produce now, and into the future. im not going to bank on a 60 40 split potential (that i also suspect will be more like 70 30 split) and a prospect in the future that MAY hit or not.

the only thing that makes me waiver, is the team he is on. thats the part i just dont trust right now. its just one of those things where you can easily go either way. if its me, i go with the guy who will be the number 1 on his team. at least, in this situation.


I mean you have a good point, but over 2018, 2019, and 2020 which player has more upside vs risk? It really is close, but that 1st round draft pick next year really excites me. Next year will have another strong RB class, and there are a lot of teams with need.

Murray started his career as one of the most injury prone RBs. Since then he has been super reliable, but that guy has a TON of carries under his belt. Especially at his age. Every year I think Murray gets less usage and Henry gets more. Plus Watkins maybe make it through this year, but next? The year after that?


dont get me wrong, if that first round pick pans out, if henry gets a 60 40 split, if demarco gets hurt, if sammy gets injured then yeah i 100% agree that is the better side of it. i just dont like all of the ifs that come with it. again dont get me wrong, sammy has a few ifs too, i just like his ifs better.


thx for all the inputs. Made me even more in doubt than i was before… :stuck_out_tongue:


well if you want us to probably agree a bit more, the context behind this trade would probably (probably) do that. which side are you on? what does your team look like? because right now we are only talking about straight up between the 2. team makeup will change opinions around. maybe not as much as if this was a redraft because people do tend to hold to their love of players harder in dynasty.

otherwise just listen to me, im always right. right guiness? :stuck_out_tongue:


DeMarco is 29 this year and under contract through 2020. He is set to earn over $6 million each year. The Titans can release him in 2018 with no cap hit. (If I understand the situation correctly). I think it is very possible, maybe even likely, that he is not on the Titans roster next year. If he does play, will it be for less money in a potential backup role? Isn’t he close to the end of his career?

And Derrick Henry looks like a #1 back.



i am the one who own Watkins.

my roster is as follows:

QB: Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Cody Kessler
RB: Ameer Abdullah, Spencer Ware, Terrence West, Kareem Hunt, Samaje Perine, Alvin Kamara, Alfred Morris, Alex Collins, Brandon Oliver, Charles Sims, Damien Williams, Kerwin Williams
WR: Antonio Brown, Davante Adams, Sammy Watkins, John Brown, Corey Davis, Michael Floyd, Cooper Kupp, Braxton Miller, Terrance Williams
TE: Tyler Eifert, David Njoku, Will Tye


@BusterD, oh you better believe I am going to have a spreadsheet on your prediction efficiency (no I won’t).

Also, I think the Henry side wins if any of those if’s happen. Henry has if or if, Watkins just has the one if. Still very close.

@Harpersdad, The Titans are a run first team and will use both backs until 2020 barring injury. No he won’t take a pay cut, he earned his money and the Titans love him. Remember Freeman, Stewart, Fournette, and Ivory have split backfields. They all make more per year than Murray. In fact of the top 20 paid RBs, 17 of them have split backfields.


well, you do really need an RB. problem is, you need a top RB, not another rookie maybe. well, henry isnt a rookie but he is basically in the same spot as hunt and perine, only he wont take over as long as murray is there (and producing)

my answer swings even harder to keeping watkins, so long as you want to stay relevant this year. if you want to keep building for the furture like you already clearly have, then take it. me, im sticking with all of the RB potential i already have and keeping my WR core strong.

btw holy crap thats a big ass team. 27 players? lol


Dynasty man, huge roster.

I am changing my vote, you don’t need Henry. As nice as the upside, you already have like 3/5 long term potential RB bellcows on your roster. You need someone for this year.

My advice would be to shop Watkins around and see what you can get. I also strongly urge you to see if you can package Adams and Kupp/Davis/Floyd for Hyde/Miller/Gurley.


oh yeah i know, i have just never seen one that large. (thats what she said)
biggest one i have ever been apart of is 22 players. 27 players makes it sound like he even has some bench spots he isnt using.


its a 30 man roster but why woud i include my DEF and K in this post.?
I also have a 8 man Taxi Squad.

thanks for your thoughts. These last posts helped a lot. ill try to get a hold of Gurley(Not hyde or miller… hate those guys)


Watkins for sure.