Saavy or stupid?

I’m catching crap for trading 2 rbs for a wr. Hear me out. I’m in a keeper league. You can keep 3-9 players, but each keeper costs you a draft round. I had 4 guys i was looking at keeping. Lamar Jackson, Terry McLaurin, Chris Carson, and David Montgomery. I traded Carson and Montgomery for DK Metcalf. Now, by freeing up a keeper spot, i was able to jump up a round in our draft, where i was able to get Jonathon Tayler. So even though it looks like i traded Carson and Montgomery for DK, i actually got DK and Taylor out of the trade. Good trade or nah? Bear in mind, I’m still salty at Montgomery for doing nothing last year, and wary of Carson’s hip injury.

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Carson may be moderately better than Taylor this year, but in any kind of a keeper / dynasty format, Taylor is way better… and then I prefer RB to WR in a vacuum, but I think Metcalf is a significantly better prospect than Montgomery.

Yeah, Carson + Montgomery --for-- DK + JT is a win in my book. Hit RBs hard, as you might be a bit shaky there, but all in all, I like it!!!

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You’re fine. You made the right call. Anyone giving you harsh vibes doesn’t understand what you did and you’ll be taking their money soon enough.


Thanks guys. After the draft, my roster now looks like this
QB: Lamar Jackson
RB: Jonathon Tayler, D’Andre Swift, Cam Akers, Latavius Murray
WR: DK Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, Jalen Reagor, Hollywood Brown, N’Keal Harry, Allen Lazard
TE: Hayden Hurst, OJ Howard
DST: Steelers
K: Harrison Butker

The guy who has Kamara wants to get Latavius from me. I think I’m gonna try to get Duke Johnson and Boston Scott from him out of it. Gonna offer OJ, N’Keal, or Lazard as a throw in.

I want the Murray side in that trade.

That team is gonna crush in 2023.

Haha. That’s the idea. Thinking ahead. Tried to set it up so all my guys peak at about the same time.

FWIW you can be both :wink:

I like the move. It strengthens your core, still gives you RB depth and youth. I think Monty & Carson will be good this year, but that would not prevent me from making the trade you did. It was a smart and calculated play. If your league does not get it, that’s on them.

I would probably take the trade for Duke / Boston because I like them more, but given the fragile nature of your RBs (unproven youth) I probably keep Murray. He’s been fantastic with the opportunity and I see NO giving him some run this season to help preserve Kamara. All that said, I do not think it is a bad move. I am very high on Boston where he takes more work that people expect. I can see a path to Duke but I have no idea what HOU is thinking. Talent is not his hangup. Dude call ball if given the chance. I do feel like LattyMo has a more predictable outcome for usage.

I would possibly make a move for someone like Howard who is not a leauge winner, but should have a solid role in the run game. Injured last year, but solid FLEX value as a grinder. I think you can get him cheaply and he should be a help while your rookies are looking to get their footing.

Valuable input. Thank you very much. Will have to consider it.