Sad Streaming TE Choices - PPR

Since no one is trading the 2/3 TEs they are rostering in my league. I am stuck with these streaming choices while Jared Cook is on BYE. Who do I go for? Kind of leaning Clay with the QB change. Can’t get any worse right?


I’d go Brate. He got a TD last week and Winston and the Bucs throw a lot with no run game.

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Brate even though Howard is the one with more snaps/ involvement?

Over Clay and Swaim? For me yes. Winston spread the ball around pretty well.

Obviously none are great options, but I’d still take Brate of the 3.

Alright, thanks! I just picked him up but also just posted in my league that im open to trades for a more permanent TE. So let’s see how that turns out.

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