Sad times!

So guys can anyone beat me with there depressing season?

So far this year i have lost David Johnson, DeShaun Watson and Andrew Luck!

Anyone want to share the stories?

Watson was amazing. Hate to see that happen too dude. I mean, he was gonna break rookie records. I hope he’s fine.

Anyway, I lost David Johnson as well

I know I hope he is fine too!

Lost OBJ and Watson. Between byes and horrible matchups I am teetering on the brink this and next week. Other team’s lost Rodgers and DJ but they had Wentz and Zeke respectively to plug in. The Rogers/Wentz team is in last place, the DJ/Zeke is tied for first (I beat him last week) but now that Zeke is suspended he will probably fall. Tough to replace a player averaging 25+ standard points per week…

David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Tyler Eifert, and now Watson. Still in first place though… for the moment.

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Oh and Dalvin Cook

In one of my leagues I lost David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, DeShaun Watson, and Pierre Garcon. I also have Mariotta who was banged up. Still managed to go 5-3 so far but man has this season been rough.