Safe floor big play question?

Out of these 5, who do you this has the safest floor and who has the biggest upside?

M. Bryant

My opinion is Cohen for floor. I think they will be throwing to him a lot and my league has return yards.

High upside, can’t decide between Bryant or Parker.

Thoughts please

I agree with Cohen especially since Howard is banged up and they will most likely be down in the game and have to start throwing a lot to Cohen. I think Bryant has a higher upside since parker is still questionable for tomorrow and Bryant has always been known to be the high upside player. Is this a ppr league or standard?

@jdebalso Standard league

Ahh lotta options with those five and has some roster dependency to it. However my two would be Parker, and Abdullah. The reasoning behind that for Parker is Jay Cutler seems to love him (4 catch 85 yards, and a broken up surefire INT last week) and also going against the lowly Jets secondary who Crabtree absolutely scorched last week (3 TDs) My reasoning for Abdullah is that the Falcons aren’t very good against pass catching RB’s. Montgomery absolutely destroyed them last week, but Cohen is also a good option just based off the pure amount of touches, especially if Howard is out. Steelers front 7 is a bit underrated, and pretty stingy but the volume is key for Cohen. So yeah i would say floor is Cohen with Cieling being Parker. I like Bryant, but I hate Big Ben on the road… look for Lev Bell to take over the steelers offense. Long response, but I hope that helps. Just my opinion

RB’s are Crowell and Ajayi
WR’s are jordy Nelson and Crabtree

Love the detailed response… thank you… that was my opinion with Parker and Bryant. That they are on the road.

The reason why I question Cohen is because I have the steelers D. Would that make you change your mind?

Fortunately you are set with your starters, which is always a plus. And don’t get me wrong I do think that the Steelers D is underrated, however not unbeatable. It’s tricky with only 2 weeks of information to go off of since they played the Browns, and a Bradford-less Vikings offense. I wouldn’t be too worried with cohen just based off the volume and of how many touches he will get, especially if Howard is out or if the injury makes him ineffective. The bears literally have almost no playmakers and are most likely to be trailing in this game so they will have to throw, and Cohen seems to have rapport with Glennon. Depending on if you are favored by quite a bit I would play Parker for the Cieling, but if it’s a tight matchup with your opponent I always feel the RB is a safer bet and would probably go with Cohen just based off of Vume and opportunity alone. Hope that helps!

Yup thank you very much.

Anytime man! Good luck!