Safe to drop Damien Williams now?!

We’ve all been ready for Williams to flip the switch and run away with the job but instead has run straight to the end of the bench…is it safe to drop him now?!

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I’m done. I can’t take it anymore. I watched that game and couldn’t remember seeing a more unpredictable, and simultaneously unproductive committee…until DEN got the ball. But it’s infuriating to watch. I told myself last week: I’m done with the Chiefs. I played two of them last night, one being Damian. I’m screwed.

I didn’t bother to break down the snap count. I watched pretty upset and counted: 1…2…3, uh bad. Yeah I counted he got #bad snaps. Why? He wasn’t hurt. He didn’t fumble. I don’t get it man. But I’m highly annoyed right now🤬

Yah I’m honestly thinking of dropping him right now for guice… I wont want to play damien rest of year and am in a 7 player keeper

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