Safe to have Thielen and Diggs on the same team?

I got great value and landed Diggs and Thielen. Should I keep both or trade one? 8 team ppl start 4 wr 3 rb and a flex. Have k Allen, Diggs, thielen, cooper, e Sanders, Cory Davis and mike Williams… rb d Johnson, McCaffery, McKinnon, freeman and Peterson

Trade one. If you can, trade thielen. Last year was his floor.

You’re team is absolutely stacked. Only piece I don’t like is McKinnon.

I would try and take McKinnon + Thielen and get an upgrade to a stud either at WR or RB.

That’s a good idea thanx… think it would be enough for Hopkins, Odell or Melvin Gordon?

If you got away with that trade, it would be robbery. There is no way in hell I’d give up any of those players for Thielen/McKInnon. I’m low on both though and incredibly low on McKinnon. Maybe if you find the guy who’s high on McKinnon, it could work.

But getting an AJ Green / Adams type player for McKinnon and Thielen might be doable and that’s a trade I would do in a heart beat. You mgiht even be able to get a depth / bench stash back.

Lol worth a shot

I would be happy getting Tyreek Hill for thielen. There is a guy in our league that has Marshawn as his number one. He has Devontae Adams

Hill for Thielen is robbery imo. If you got that, I would be extremely happy.

I would immediately do Adams+Lynch for McKinnon + Thielen.

I don’t think he will part with Adams and lynch together

That is half his team

I would also be more than willing to take Adams alone for McKinnon and Thielen.

Frees up a roster slot for you to go snag some candidates off the waiver anyway.

Edit: Your starting roster would be absurd.

I like Adams a lot . Could try that one