Safer WR 2


full point PPR

Of these 3 I’d personally take Hill because I like his upside. Regarding your question of who is the “safer” wr2 in a full point ppr, I’d say Tate. The volume is gonna be there for him week to week, Hill will be more dependent on big plays. Cooper is tough for me to pull the trigger on because the Raiders just haven’t been reliable for fantasy of late and Jordy Nelson could get a disproportionate share of Red Zone looks (not an argument for drafting Nelson, but a valid concern for Cooper)

That one is tougher than I thought… Tate has the longest track record of success in PPR formats, so I’d say him but I think Cooper could be in line for a large workload this year in Gruden’s first year. Hill… I’m not sure on how consistently he’ll be used this year with Watkins in the fold and a first year starter throwing the football.

Tate is the safest bet in a full ppr. He’s got the longest track record of success.
Hill is the highest upside of the 3, but his QB is an unknown.

Tate is the safest in ppr, 4 straight years of 90+ receptions, and over 1000 yards 3 out of the last 4 years.

Cooper I think has the highest upside. I think the offense will run through him, could have 100 receptions, 1000+ yards and double digit TDs if everything goes right for him.

Hill I like, but am nervous about, especially in ppr. Great running game, Watkins and Kelce to share targets with, and essentially a rookie QB.

with the question being safest, its tate. cooper, i have no faith in right now. the offense, added weapons, jon gruden, his lack of ability to grab 50 50 balls… he could end up as a top end WR but i dont see it happening.

hill has explosive upside. could win you weeks alone just by getting 2 80 yard TDs. but, can also disapear. not too safe there.

tate is a PPR guy. he wont blow you away week to week, but he will be very VERY safe. plenty of catches for so so yards. but his bottom line is just… well safe. honestly my definition of tate is safe so it makes it easy to pick him over the other 2 in that category.

Take a look at the averages from the last two years, we pretty sure the cheetah wins this this.

He also didn’t have anyone to compete with, and still disappeared. The question was safest, not the better pick. If you want safe, you go for the guy who will catch 6 for 60 a game.

Tate is definitely the safest

If you want safest, its Tate and its not even close.

Definitely Tate

tate. not really close to me. nfc north - the lions will still be throwing in the fourth quarter just about every game.