Safest floor amongst the WR3's (.5 PPR)?

Hi Footclan,

I drafted Zeke, CMC, Gronk 123 this year leaving me with Amari Cooper, Baldwin, and Hogan as my WR core (.5 PPR). Needless to say, week 1 was disappointing.

Right now I have Cooper, Baldwin, Hogan, Enunwa, Keelan Cole and Robby Anderson rostered. All three are WR3s this week. The likes of Godwin, Ginn Jr, DeSean Jackson, Pettis, and Allison are all available as FAs.

I have a star-studded RB and TE situation and just need my WRs to have a safe floor this week. Which WR3s have the safest floor this week in your opinion?

personally, the only one who has a safe floor this week really is Q. Cooper would be my 2 with the matchups.

I’d go and pick up Godwin. I’m assuming this is a pretty shallow league given your picks. I’m assuming its an 10 man league. If it’s a shallow league, drop baldwin. I just did in my 10 man. Waiver wire is too rich to be holding onto guys with 2 busted knees and no time line for returning. Don’t trust a word Carroll says.

In terms of safest floor, I’d say Enunwa probably your safest floor. Rest are all question marks. I don’t like coopers match-up but probably have to play him given your situation.

I’d def grab Godwin off the waivers though. And I’d grab allison too.

Would probably start Enunwa/Cooper/Godwin. Could make an argument for Cole over cooper if you’re scared of getting burned.

No Jackson I like Godwin and no goodwin I like Pettis.

Start Enunwa, safest IMO, and because you have such a strong anchor with RB and TE why not take a chance on WR with Godwin or even Pettis especially if DJax and Goodwin sit.

If they are active (Djax and Goodwin) then just go Cooper, he will be the focal point this week as both Gruden and the OC are going to make it a point of emphasis that Carr works the ball to him more.