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Safety, or High Ceiling?


I’m having to choose between E. Decker and M. Bryant for the same price in my keeper league. Assuming that Decker doesn’t land on the Browns, it can’t get any worse than his situation with the Jets. However, I keep finding myself attracted to Bryant and his freakish athleticism.

Who would you rather keep, and why?


Of the two I personally would lean toward Decker…he’s proven his ability to make big plays when QB’s and OC’s give him consistent chances in a game. You also don’t have to worry about some of the off the field drama that has already hampered Bryant’s young career. Reliability > Liability


Deep down, I know that is the real answer. That upside is just so fun to play


yeah its hard to decide from that steady 15 points a game, or the boom bust guy. because i can see bryant hitting 30 points a game for 3 weeks… and then having 0 the next three. im leaning decker as well. he is older, but way more predictable. and if he lands with the ravens, that will be really damn good for him.


I go Decker.
Bryant is explosive which is wonderful, though aside from the extremely low floor, the QB situation scares me.
Decker is looking for a new team and aside from very few unlikely landing spots his floor will be not only be safe it should be high too.
If possible I would wait until Decker finds a home (Ravens?) to decide.


If he goes to the Ravens, where do you feel comfortable with is draft position?


There are always a multitude of factors when choosing a player, including when you must make your decision. Right Now I would say Bryant, but Decker’s landing spot/recovery could change things. If this is a question of who is your WR3, for me, it would be Decker to have a stalwart coming off the bench. WR4-5…gimme the upside of Bryant. If it is a choice of having that starter, this is a conundrum indeed!