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Saints Backfield, options while Ingram out


Just seen the news that Terrance was picked up by the Saints as more RB depth, 2 part question:

A) Who out of West, Boston Scott or Trey Edmunds would you pick up as the likely 2 punch behind Kamara as the 1 (Williams was picked up by the Ingram Owner in the draft)?

B) Would you just leave this alone as there are too many options right now to call a clear guy the 2, also the risk that they could use a few in a committee behind Kamara?


nothing wrong with taking a stab. recency bias would say west, but reports are that his contract isnt garenteed. i would still take a stab at west. i think he is the best one and probably the only other one to survive cuts if they end up only keeping 3 after ingram is back.


I would full pass, there are better lottery tickets out there.


Stay away from this gamble. No telling who will emerge at this point. I would also stay away from Ingram. He could totally get traded like Garoppolo if someone emerges when the dust settles in week 5.

Say if Boston Scott is gold, no point in keeping Ingram. Won’t be in NO next year and Saints will want to get back in the first someway somehow by bundling picks. Ingram was also getting his work reduced later in the season.


None. Going to be a lot of Kamara, and who the hell knows who until Ingram gets back. Even if you guess right, I don’t see them having any value, maybe 5 touches a game. Kamara is too good to take off the field for any of them, and the Saints have a very pass friendly schedule to open the season.


correct me if im wrong here, but this looks like a deep stash play right? so its not a gamble if im right. its just picking someone up and hoping that they hit enough to get value out of while you can. does that change anyones opinion if so?


There are a lot better deep stash plays to make. None of the players behind Kamara are talented enough to make any kind of meaningful impact, and as soon as Ingram is back they are worthless. Better off buying a lottery ticket like Kalen Ballage or John Kelly.


which i wouldnt diagree with at all. but other people will think the same thing, and maybe all there really is to work with is a guy like west. i dont know what his pool looks like so im just guessing. but i think he is worth a temporary stash in case ingram gets traded, or kamara goes down, something like that. definitely not saying its the best stash guy. just a stash guy i can see some value in.


I see zero chance of Inngram getting traded, and if Kamara gets hurt then the job is all Ingram’s. Even if both of them are out of the picture, I wouldn’t want West, would be a #4, maybe a very low end #3 RB at best. Last 4 years:
2017: 5 games, 39 Att, 138 Yds, 2 TD
2016: 16 games, 193 Att, 774 Yds, 5 TD
2015: 8 games, 62 Att, 231 Yds, 0 TD
2014: 14 games, 171 Att, 673 Yds, 4 TD

Just don’t see the value of taking up a roster spot for a 4 week lottery ticket that even if they get the chance they are pretty mediocre. Rather just use the bench spot of a much higher upside lottery ticket


It’s a very deep stash is what I am saying. They have so many RB’s competing for that role…if someone goes down in camp or preseason…just too difficult to even take an educated guess right now and I am a big Saints fan. Nobody knows. No clear front runner.


If someone blows up Ingram will be traded. Remember, he is suspended and coach is pissed. They also did it last year with AP. Blew everyone away but not me. Once Payton is pissed off look out.


Can’t even compare AP with Ingram. AP was 32 years old and coming off a major injury. Ingram is 28 and coming off a 1500 total yards 12 TD season. He is in the last year of his contract, they can just run him into the ground and let him walk after this season.

And no one was blown away or surprised when they traded AP last year. If they were then they don’t watch football.


There is a good chance Ingram will be traded. He caused Payton a lot of grief. He does not put up with it. Snead went from gold to pewter after the suspension. Ingram’s touches were also declining and they are without a 1st round pick. It’s also not that hard to run behind that OL. Couple of RB’s on the roster now that could do no worse.


His rushing attempts stayed pretty even over the last half of the season, and never had less rushing attempts than Kamara. None of the other RBs on the roster could do what Ingram or Kamara can do.

And there is no way they would get a 1st round pick in return for a half year rental.


I never said 1st. What I said was bundle picks. I know he’s not worth a 1. A lot of crazy things happened last year with trades in season. If a team with a depleted backfield is willing to over value him Payton would do it if someone else emerges as a solid 2 behind Kamara.


Didn’t think this topic would get this much action! But as mentioned by someone above this is a deep deep stash, I mean looking at someone as a pick up and hold for a bit to be my 7th RB and have a spot to use. Expecting very little to nothing from them so it’s not a big investment and if nothing comes of it I’ll just drop. I do agree with @EconoTeam though if someone really does shine in the role and if a contending team or someone with the injury bug needs an RB and might resign for a vet like Ingram for a couple of years too I can see him going if the price is right and it doesn’t damage the Saints as contenders. Payton is a lot of things but a bad coach isn’t one of them so it’s unlikely he’ll be traded but not impossible


If I had a hot dollar I might pick up West but there would have to be no other flyers or handcuffs I liked. Last year I picked up Kamara but expected nothing. Only reason I got him was because Payton said he looked like Marshal Faulk in a private workout. Figure he might get inserted late in the season.

This situation though is different because West may or may not emerge as the RB2 and even if he does no guarantee it will stay that way with Ingram’s situation. There could be more value in Boston Scott than West.


Snead was not traded because he was suspended, he was traded because his position no longer had value. The dude got beat out. In addition they gained 2 million in cap space losing Snead. With Ingram they would have like a 2.4 mil in dead cap space hit.

This seems entirely dependent on the size of your bench.