Salary Cap Dynasty League

Hello Foot Clan!

The Ballers mentioned the idea of a salary cap dynasty league, and I would love to make it happen! I would be happy to be the commissioner as well as the record keeper, using Google Docs to keep everything available for people to review and then load everything into an ESPN league to actually play during the season.

I am still working on specifics of how everything would operate, and would be happy to get input from other owners in the league! If you’re interested respond to this post.

I’d also like to have everyone throw in $25-50 to make it a little interesting too!

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I’d be interested in this. I posted saying I wanted to try one but all leagues the reply’s seemed too daunting so hopefully this will be slightly simpler but still have the contracts element. Email me

Sounds good man! I want 10-12 people, so that’s 2 so far!

I am new to Dynasty, but I really want to get in a league. If I could get some more info I may be interested. I like the salary cap idea. If I’m gonna do dynasty I want to go all in. I don’t care about the payouts so much, but $25 to keep people active sounds cool.

What additional information would you like?

If you are going to do dynasty with any kind of salary and contracts make it easy on the commissioner and use MFL. It is only 5 ish dollars per team right now and it will make everyone’s life way easier in the long run.

Starting this up for anyone that is interested.

@hardknoxffb interested in joining a salary cap league if you have spots available. email is

@jcreasy11 Shoot me an email. League info is above your comment.

I’ve been looking for a salery cap league as well. I commish a dynasty league and may be able to help if you have questions but I haven’t done a salary cap before.

I am interested in a league like this please hit me up.

Hey everyone. I have finally been able to convince my league of record to do a dynasty league, so I will have to back out of setting up this kind of league. Sorry everyone!