Salary Dynasty League Off-Season Tips

I am a commissioner for a startup dynasty league w/ salary cap and player contracts. Most issues I have tried to get league consensus. We are hung up on off-season free agency and I am getting push-back. The contract system we have will cause good players to be cut at the end of each season so team’s stay under the salary cap. My preferred method for off-season free agency has been deemed too much and others have suggested a one time off-season live auction for all free agents. My idea was to have a weekly long-running auction for free agents. When that week closes, the new players get added and, if needed, team’s have to cut other players to make space. Then a new waiver week would start up with the new players available plus everyone that wasn’t bid on the previous week.

Does anyone have a proven method for off-season transactions in a dynasty league with player contracts? Happy to give more details if needed.

No experience myself.

Love the idea. I would say that it needs to match the interest level of your managers. If they are up for an auction a week, then great. Some might not be prepared/interested in that much off-season activity.