Salary League

So we started a Dynasty league this year and we are thinking about implementing a salary and contract system. Is this a good Idea? Many people think that the league will get unbalanced if we do not implement the salary cap rule… is this true I am kind of against it.

I am starting a dynasty w/ salary and contract system as well. I am heavily in favor of it and pushed to get other members on board. I think it absolutely evens things out long term. The key is to make long-term contracts escalate to teams have to make decisions about extending players which may cause them to hardly have any cap left to be able to have any quality depth.

Additionally, we are instituting dead money if you cut players on long-term contracts. The way we set it up is each member has to make a decision after the season with each player on their roster that they drafted or signed through waivers that season. They can: (i) cut him and no dead money; (ii) pick up a team option for one more season but then they become a free agent after that (still no dead money); or (iii) extend the player 1-4 years after the team option season (with % of dead money if cut before contract is up). If you extend, the salary increases by percentages each year and the percentage increases are greater depending on how that player finished in positional rankings in the first year.

All of this levels out the playing field. Even if you have an awesome team, you won’t be able to extend everyone because their contracts will get too big. If your team is bad, you will have a ton of cap space to scoop up players when the good teams are forced to make cuts.