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Sammy, Keenan


Can you trust Sammy Watkins and Keenan Allen to lead your wr’s? I might be drinking the koolaid here but Sammy’s second surgery should really help his recovery like it has for others and Keenan Allen simply must stay on the field.


Wouldn’t mind having either of them on my roster but not as my #1 WR. I would be way more confortable splitting my first two picks landing a top 10 WR and RB to follow up with Watkins as my wr2.


What he said.


my minds tellin me no… but my body… my bodys tellin me YYEEEESSSSSSAH.

translation: i want to believe in both of them so bad. and i do, i know that if they both stay healthy, they both have top ten potential. but anyone you have to say “if” to their healthy, just cant be trusted as your number 1. number 2, hell yes. ill bargin shop later for some consistant point getters.