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Sammy v Alshon


I was offered Sammy Watkins for Alshon in a 6 keeper league. I don’t plan on keeping either, only use him for this year but is it worth doing the trade to see how Sammy does this year and maybe trade him later? Either one would be my WR4 behind Odell, Evans, and Julio. Also this is non ppr. How would you rank these guys in both redraft and dynasty/keeper


Since you have 3 of the top 5 or 6 WRs I’d take Samnmy. I think he’s got more upside than Alshon, though not much.


Big upside with Sammy (see stats of last 15 games with Tyrod) and I think that only adds to your already awesome floor you have with those other studs. I don’t trust Alshon - he’s got a huge catch radius but he always seems to have soft tissue injuries. I put Sammy ahead in both redraft and dynasty/keeper. With those stud WR’s maybe think about offering one of them up in a trade for a top 3 RB?


Am I missing something? Is this pre or post draft? If you aren’t planning on keeping either then why trade at all?


Post draft so I would use them for the season, possibly trade away before it ends for more value


Ah, I would say Watkins, he has had injuries that are less likely to be a problem this season. Jeffery will likely have something holding him back. Watkins has also consistently shown talent while on the field. Jeffery hasn’t, so I would roll with Watkins and see if he turns into something amazing.


Trade for Watkins, I think you have WR1 potential with him.
Jeffery’s ceiling isn’t anywhere near Watkins in my opinion.


With your WR core, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. If this was to fill your WR2 spot, I’d say that Jeffery has a higher floor, where Watkins has a higher celling.

I’m really high on Watkins this year, if you’re already planning to use one as trade bait I think he will give you much better trade value than Jeffery by end of season.

With this much WR talent on your team, there’s got to be a few teams who are hurting at WR. Package Watkins or Evans with a strong flex and go get yourself a top RB.


Some guy in Atlana - Julio something - had the same injuries that Watkins has suffered. That Julio guy seems to be doing pretty well post-recovery.