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Sammy Watkins Dynasty Trade Value


I need a WR1 in a 12 team 1/2 point ppr dynasty league and Watkins is one of the guys I’m targeting. I’ve offered a 2018 1st for him, and I’m wondering how much more, if any at all, I should be willing to give up for him. Some trade calculators out there still have Watkins value at around 2 1st round picks, but I don’t feel like that can possibly still be fair market value. Am I way off base here?


Two 1st round picks for Watkins is right because he’s 24. His WR1 potential and youth make him very valuable.

If you don’t feel like two firsts isn’t worth it, don’t make the trade.

I would suggest take those 2 1st round picks and start with going after Antonio Brown or ODB, and work your way down the list of top receivers until you can work out a deal that works for you.

I don’t value draft picks super high because every year a new rookie class comes in and you get the chance to draft them, but a basement team with Julio or AB or AJ could see those two 1st round picks and want to start the rebuild early.


Dynastyfftools.com is what I use


Side note: Watkins should come back from the injury.


He is a talent but the Bills QB situation next year and post-Taylor would be slightly concerning to me.


offer that one 1st rounder and see. people are still down on him because of the injuries, so buy low then sell high if need be. you will get a guy with top 10 upside out of it. but if its me, i dont go higher than 1 1st. too pricey for a guy who DOES have a big history with injury at 24.