Sammy Watkins FAAB

Is 25 dollars too much to spend on Sammy Watkins? Was just dropped on Sunday.

nope not at all, id probably be in the 30’s my self

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Ok good cause I was just thinking maybe I should go 30 lol

you dont find talent like sammys on the waiver. i think 40might be to high. but im intrested to know what he goes for now.

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25-30 for me. I was off of him but watching how they used him Sunday was interesting. All over the formation in deep, intermediate and short routes. And KC is going to be throwing every single week cause their defense is absolute trash. I can see that offense supporting a WR1 (Hill), TE1 (Kelce), and WR2/3 (watkins). I just want to see him be used vs non garbage defenses like steelers as well.

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That’s my thought process too. If they are going be that high powered of an offense then he’s startable every week.

25 was my bid got him. 20 was the next lowest.