Sammy Watkins in Dynasty

I have Sammy in my WR2 mix behind TY Hilton and among Alshon and DT. What in the world do I do with him? Trade for whatever I can get? Hold? Hope he goes somewhere like San Francisco and sell off the hype?

Hold and hope

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Hold until free agency. Continue to hold if he stays in LA. Sell if goes somewhere hype (49ers etc.), hold if he goes somewhere underrated

I might hold if he goes to SF. There’s hype for a reason.

Personally I’m still a believer in Sammy. I traded for him this past season and got him cheap due to his previous owner freaking out because of his lack of production. I would hold him regardless of what happens in free agency. If you move him now there is no way you will get the value his talent/age demands. IMO if he stays with the Rams he will have a bigger role due to the growth in raport with Goff. If he lands somewhere else with a capable QB (ex. 49ers, Ravens) he will walk into a greater target share than he had with LA last season. Watkins is primed for a big season in 2018!