Sammy Watkins or Tyrell Williams ROS

Looking to add depth for my WR 3. My current WRs are:
J. Jones
D. Adams
M. Gallup
T. Mclaurin
T. Williams

this is a 3wr league. half ppr. Should scoop up Sammy Watkins and drop Williams? Thoughts?

Tyrell. I’d rather have the #1 option than the #3.

Tyrell has a TD in every game but 1 now. Id stick with a number one who gets redzone looks. Watkins has big play potential but id always be scared to have him in the line up

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Tyrell has better consistency and a more defined role; I agree with the others here.

That said, had a question about WR options this week, can you please opine there @dbmville @sdatkins and thanks in advance?

Thanks guys. I do agree. The high amt of targets Sammy gets had me contemplating but i’m gonna stick with Williams