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Sammy Watkins, really?


Somebody please make me feel better about drafting Sammy Watkins as my WR2 ?! Followed my rankings and took him. Got him with 62nd pick - 16 spots behind his current ADP so could be a value, it just makes me feel really uneasy :joy::joy::joy:


If he can stay healthy (obviously HUGE “if”) he’s easily talented enough to be a top 10 receiver. Him and Tyrod have a great connection when he’s on the feild, there are very few mouths to feed in that WR core, and with the Bills not picking up his 5th year option, it’s now a contract year for him. Clearly he’s a big risk, but he has all the talent in the world and the potential to give you monster value where you took him.


I agree with Gwill250. He has a ton to prove this year with the 5th year option being declined. Sammy is talented and should be a target monster in the Bills offense assuming he is on the field. He has top-5 talent that will be held back slightly due to Buffalo’s run-first offense, but he could easily be a top 10 WR if he plays 16 games…a big if…

I believe he got his foot fixed in a similar fashion to that of Edelman and Dez and has the offseason to get it right…


I usually like to take a high floor guy as my WR1 and take some risks with my WR2. That way if he busts then there are talented players drafted later or FA guys that can hold or rotate that WR2 spot. Nothing wrong with taking Sammy as WR2.


Depending on your league size, getting him at 62 means you’ve already drafted 4 or 5 solid guys for your team. So Sammy is only adding to the core of your squad rather than at the heart of it.

Plus, my bet is you’ve got another few reliable WR3s on your team already, so you’ve got a dependable backstop there to fall back on. Sammy has great upside, which is why you’re drafting him… and on the other side, there will always be a few new names that’ll ascend to high WR3 or even WR2 status over the course of the season that you can swap in if he doesn’t show up by week 4 or so.

Summary: He’s a solid pick where you got him. No need to fret.


LOAD UP ON A LOT OF POTENTIAL WR 2’S! Watkins will not survive the year and you’ll need another solid option!

Great value where you got him though!