Sammy Watkins ROS after Mahomes Injury

With Mahomes out for 3 weeks min, is Sammy Watkins drop-able at this point? The Chiefs playoff schedule is horrible and i could scoop up someone like Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel or Emanuel Sanders…

Thoughts anyone…

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I’d drop. He hasn’t played the last few weeks and just the one big game with hill out. He’ll put up another big game when he comes back but you’ll be disappointed most weeks. Sanders if you want the possible trade to a better team. Samuel looks to have a good connection with allen. Williams on the chargers and rivers will throw 50 times every couple games. Are you just stashing or possible flex/bye week fillers?


Stashing mainly but will need bye week filler in a couple weeks. my wrs are T. Hill, M… Thomas, W. Fuller & Watkins

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Not a must-drop, but you can move on

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@SchlaggedReceiver I was really curious your thoughts here. I been chasing the Tyrant Lizard King all year. He’s been on my bench for weeks. I can afford to wait and see with my roster.

Within that context, would you hold or still move on?

@Gramercy_Riffs if you have the roster to support it I’d still be fine stashing him. We’ve still yet to see the KC offense at full strength this season. The upside is still there for all KC WRs, he’s just more of a lotto ticket than a must-own

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I know bro. It’s so disapointing. It’s like we’ll NEVER see them at full strength. That’s exactly what I keep waiting for. Thanks bro

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I’ve played all those tickets on the wrong week. Never been a Chief chaser. I went too HAM this year