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Sammy Watkins worth the risk?


I keep finding Sammy Watkins falling to me in the 3rd round of most mock drafts. After being burned by him last year I’m a little worried about taking him again. Do you guys think he’s worth the risk in the 3rd round or are you passing on him and why?


I think the 3rd is early. I don’t know if he’s 100% still. There is definitely potential to getting WR1 numbers if he is healthy but in the 3rd, I’ll let someone else monitor him on a daily basis and hope it works out.


Does he still have the speed and who is throwing him the ball?

Personally I like Crabtree, Edelman, or Hill better.


Not in the 3rd. That draft position is too close to his ceiling.


I personally am quite high on Watkins this year. He has a clear rapport with Tyrod Taylor and when he is healthy his ceiling is top 5 imo. Health is certainly a concern with him but reports are that he is finally feeling great after his second foot surgery. If you recall, Julio Jones took two foot surgeries to regain his true form, as did Edelman. It certainly is risky but his recent 12 game stretch with Tyrod had him at a pace ahead of the likes of AB, Julio, and OBJ. He carries less risk if he’s your WR2 but that all depends on how your first two picks shake out. Good luck!


I prefer to take reliable contributors in the first 3 rounds, and I don’t consider Sammy Watkins to be reliable. Sure the upside is enormous, but I’d let someone else take the risk in the 3rd round. If he falls to you in the 4th, you’re a little more insulated from his downside, and it might be worth rolling the dice.


The upside argument is a legitimate one. However, that needs to be weighed against the downside. He could go down week one and it would be as if you drafted nobody in the 3rd. Honestly at this point it feels like it is 50/50 he goes down mid-season or is a top 10 WR.


I think you just explained Julio Jones and Keenan Allen as well! haha


well, hes in buffalo and they play outside. and pretty much his whole division plays outdoors. so when it gets november december when you need to be winning playoff games and the superbowl, hes gonna have that home game in buffalo against the patriots with bad weather. eff that. i like him as a wr2.


Not if he’s your WR1. If you go RB-RB at the top I wouldnt count on him being your every-week starter at WR, however if you already took an elite WR, he’s a good option as a WR2 given his sky-high potential.

I was cold on Sammy in the spring but warming up to the idea of using a 3rd on him as long as I don’t hear any injury news .