Samuel Curtis , Sterling Shepard , or Robby Anderson?

This is for my bench, a sleeper that might come thru at the end of the season. Unfortunately thats all thats available in our league

Shepard if you want some safety. Anderson if you’re looking for someone who can explode eventually. That’s a real long shot in my opinion though. I would stay away from Curtis because I don’t see that groin getting any better without surgery. Personally I would go with Shepard.

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Is Carter from Washington out there? He’s worth a look for now with Samuel and Brown banged up.

Shepard is coming off injury but Golladay is out, not sure about Slayton but he just missed too so I think he’s safest option.

Okay thanks for the advice. I was hoping that curtis 's hammy would get better.

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He missed months and then came back and reinjured it. It’s not happening this year.

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Yea thanks Carter is available. I keep my eye on him. Thankfully no one has noticed him yet. Now just trying to decide to keep tim patrick or get carter

I agree with @psychosem17. If it was the first time he injured it I would say he could come back. With it being a reinjury though of something he’s been dealing with since training camp he’s gonna be done.

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Out of those three I’d put my money on Shepard