Samuels off IR, who to keep/drop

Half ppr, Terry owner too.

Would you drop any of these guys? Or just drop Curtis?

Corey davis - had the one game, gets targets, but losing faith. Keep trying?

Pittman - also peppered with targets, TY coming back soon, that help or hurt?

Beasley - a other target guy, in a better offense than the others.

Bumping for visibility, appreciate it.

Honestly id drop Curtis before those, the only one I may consider is Beasley. The issue is Washington just like the Bills have a lot of mouths to feed, but Allen can make that happen, Heinecke Iā€™m not so sure. Davis is a matchup player, if the opponent has weak corners Davis will produce. Pittman keeps getting better, question is how will it be when wentz goes out again.

Since its all risk for me Curtis Samuels would probably get the boot for me

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