Samuels, Williams, Edwards, Josh Gordon- 1/2 ppr flex

Need to fill my flex spot, Half PPR league. I have:
Damien Williams
Jaylen Samuels
Gus Edwards
Josh Gordon

My opponent has Mahomes at qb, which is relevant for Williams…
Who do I play?!

I personally am going Samuels in this group with Josh Gordon being a fine option as well. The Steelers almost always use a workhorse type back and Samuels was the clear lead guy last week. THis could also be a shootout which could help with Samuels pass catching. Damien Williams has solid role in his offense as well, but I’m not convinced Char West Or Darren Williams don’t eat into his work, because he just isn’t that good. Edwards should get some touches, but catches no passes and is completely touchdown dependant. Would rank Samuels, Gordon, Williams, Edwards

Great analysis! One thing i forgot to mention- my opponent has Mahomes… would you move up Williams knowing that he is a good pass catcher and could take away some of the potential blows from Mahomes? I am also worried about Connor coming back and suiting up against the Pats in a big conference matchup

I am not sure how great of a pass catcher he is, has always seemed average to me. I get why you would want to play him in this game on that offense. Personally, I would risk it and pivot to Gordon if Conner plays.

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In this case I would go with Samuels, Conner didn’t practice on Wednesday in any fashion which clearly isn’t a sign that he plays at all on Sunday even in a big game… Williams to me would get a bump because you are going against Mahomes so you can take away some of those big plays but the fact that West is in the backfield in KC I don’t fully see Damien Williams getting that massive workload especially in a projected shootout, last week Samuels in the air had 7 catches for 64 yards which helps in 1/2 PPR he’s going to get double digit carries but I see Jaylen being used more in this offense where we have seen last week. Gus is TD dependent and is a non factor in any type of PPR leagues, plus you add Kenneth Dixon in the mix which could take some work away from Gus.


I was thinking the same thing- love Samuels as the workhorse in Pitt as opposed to the uncertainty with Williams/West.

The footballers and ECR has Damien Williams ahead, and I was wondering if everyone knew something I didnt.

I was thinking the Samuels ECR ranking is lower to reflect the possibility of Connor playing

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