Samuels / Wilson

Does anyone think that EITHER of them will be start worthy in 2 or 3 weeks?

I have 1st round bye, and trying to figure out to use my high waiver claim on either/both. Wilson is a handcuff to my breida, and Samuels can be my TE (yahoo) in 2 weeks if conner is out.

I have a similar dilemma except I’m 8 out of 10 for waiver priority and might not get either one…

I’d say of the 2 that Samuels has a better chance of being start worthy in week 15 since Breida seems to have super healing power lol and if Conner has a high ankle sprain (rumored), he’ll probably miss more than just 1 week.

Hope that helps, would like to hear others’ thoughts…

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Its hard to say as they will both be streams.
I have Ekeler in my flex and am dropping green anyway, so basically are either more valuable this week than ekeler.

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you think there’s any chance yahoo changes Samuels eligibility between now and Sunday?

I hope not! Thats the only reason I want him!

LOL yeah me too! but if they’re going to change it, they better do it today!