San Fran D owners!

What are you guys doing with San Fran?
Starting them confidently? I’m tilting a bit but don’t really wanna switch to let’s say… Buffalo, New Orleans, Pittsburgh maybe.

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Also a bit nervous with them given the injuries. I still don’t plan to swap them though for any of the typical streamers, though. However, if I had Pittsburgh, I probably would pivot. The Steelers are projected to be the DST4 in my model, just below SF, and The Ballers also have them ranked just one spot below SF. With the injuries, I’d go Steelers. Otherwise, though, I’m standing pat.


You would Dan? Singletary rushing over a 100 on Baltimore made me think twice. Plus Josh Allen. Then again Baltimore D still scored 9 points.

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Yes, I would. The Steelers D also did well against Baltimore in Week 4, and they’ve done nothing but improve since then from a fantasy standpoint. I think I’d also pivot for PHI (and I’d play NE if I had them naturally). It also depends on who you’d have to drop to get the other D. Backup WR3/4 or a so-so handcuff, then I’d do it. But if it’s an important handcuff or a stash player that could be huge for Week 16, I’d stick with San Fran.

In the one league I have the San Fran D, none of those options are there, so I’m playing them and still OK with it, just not loving it as much as normal. Good luck whichever way you go.

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Pittsburgh Steelers!

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Def Steelers

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Thanks, bud. Yeah Steelers it is then. They got me the win last week so yeah lets go with it.

You have some good match ups this week? How are you feeling about advancing?

In the semis in two leagues. Like my chances in one, and the other I’m a bit of an underdog. I have Dalvin, Julio and Raheem in both, so going to be sweating them hard today. You?

Looks like the Steelers ended up the better play! :metal: Hope you brought home the win @Marencophoto?

Heeeey! In the league where I had the Pittsburgh option, I did! Saquon, Chubb and the Tannehill/AJ Brown stack brought it. Not to mention that Hygbee ended up a better play than Mark Andrews.

In my other league where I had San Fran- I ran into the Kenyon Drake buzzsaw. Also lost Cook and Godwin in that so I was doomed.

How did you end up!!??

I had Buff and Pitt DST. Rolled with Pitt last night and lost. Had I played Buff I would be in the championship…

I have Cook in both leagues. One I’m done, and the other I have a small chance of still winning. Both my opponents had great weeks. Fingers crossed for Michael Thomas and Baby Hands to come through big tonight!

I had cook too. I am up by 20 points, but he has Brees and Thomas. RUN THE BALL PLEASE!

Holy crap! Yeah you need them to run that ball indeed.

And Dan- let’s get it! Did you try grabbing Matt Boone last night? ( if your waivers allow you to).

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No I can’t add him now until waivers run on Wednesday morning. I’ll have to decide if I need him or if Alexander will likely be back as the main backup. Hopefully will be for the finals match!

Mattison or Boone and now that I hear Cook might be able to play…I don’t know- I think I want to get away from this trio.

Well they did not run the ball. AT. ALL. It was a fun run. Got blown out 169.18 to 135.46.