Sanders and Tate for Diggs

I have: Allen, Adams, Tate, Sanders, Golloday and C. Davis

Should I do this? It’s PPR 3 WR 2 RB no flex league…

Thats tough, because I do think Diggs is the best of the 3 just slightly, and you have plenty of wr depth where you don’t use everyone, but I think that’s too much to give up. Tate is just a tiny bit behind Diggs and Sanders is still a solid flex level player. Overall with Diggs injury history I would say no.


I like the move - Minnesota’s offense is rolling right now and it does improve your line up. Question is - what is it doing to the team that has Diggs. Are you upgrading they’re team significantly?

He has M. Thomas, Diggs and Ridley so I think so

I think based on this you’re helping his team more than your own and I never try to do that unless they’re 0-5 and not likely to make playoffs. Sanders has a consistently higher floor than Ridley (huge Falcons fan but he will regress to the mean) and Tate is only slightly worse than Diggs in my eyes.

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